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We are eco-responsible

honest and connected to the local environment.

Balance and harmony

Nature is the balance and harmony from which everything else arises. This constant flow is part of our existence and it is the engine that will contribute to our well-being.

We are active and responsible in taking care of the environment that gives us life. This is why from Montjuic we work every day to become more sustainable.


Caring for the Earth

When you come to enjoy your getaway you choose to take care of yourself but you also choose to take care of the Earth and all of us in it.


  • You choose to be in a green environment in the middle of the city
  • You choose the sun to give you light
  • You choose responsible consumption (natural cork insulation, rainwater collection, LEDs, water regulators, dojo and ecological amenities)
  • You choose to give a second life and recycle
  • You choose to help families who are relying on the local economy
  • You choose to collaborate with entities like charities

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