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Experiences: Slow pace of life


We invite you to enjoy your free time as we say here in Catalunya “poc a poc”, meaning little by little. Enjoy doing nothing, laugh with friends, connect with nature and reconnect with yourself.

Connect with nature

“Nature is in no hurry, it never rushes and yet it succeeds in everything.” Lao Tzu

Try the Mediterranean diet. Strolling through the greenest Girona.

A walk through fields, olive groves and forests, both inside and outside Girona. Along the way you will discover what the Mediterranean diet is. We will taste the aromatic and medicinal herbs with the guide specialised in gastro botany and learn the history of the city with nature as a guiding thread.

Evaritst March, professional nature and gastro botanical guide of Cellar Can Roca.

Water bottle

Duration of the activity: 2h-2, 30 min approx.

Walking routes

Walk through our forests, feel the water of the streams and enjoy the green Girona.

Choose your route according to the duration (1h–3h) and the intensity: Sant Miquel, Vall de Sant Daniel, Vall del Llémena, Muntanya de la O, Estany de Banyoles.

Departure from Montjuic Boutique Villa itself

Explanatory map of the route with distance, duration, gradient, and points of interest.

Bike routes

From a bike, life looks different, everything takes on an appropriate speed and you become part of a moving landscape.

Enjoy the Costa Brava with the Hincapie Loop route or the Pyrenees, climbing Vallter 2000. Girona has become one of the European cycling capitals where many professionals train all year round. This is why there are many shops where you can rent gravel, road or mountain bikes.

  • Girona-Els Angels-Baix Empordà-Costa Brava 51km +651m
  • Girona-Costa Brava 99km +1613m
  • Els Angels and the Gavarres 56km +1177m
  • Girona-Banyoles-Rocacorba 78km +1254m
  • Girona Gran Fondo 12km +1620m
  • Girona – Rocacorba 72km +1419m
  • Girona-Banyoles 81km +759m
  • Hincapie Loop 62km +982m
  • Girona-Sant Hilari Sacalm 132km +1406m
  • Girona-Mare de Deu del Mont 130km +1804m
  • Castellfollit de la Roca-Oix-Beget-Vallter 2000 123km +2665m

Horse riding routes

Ride on horse back through the beautiful surroundings of Girona, feeling nature, the wind, seeing and hearing the birds. Galloping, trotting or walking you will enjoy a unique moment.

Duration: 1–2 hours

Certified guide, saddled horse, bottle of water.

Does not include:
Insurance, which will depend on the duration of the ride.



with yourself

Forget the rush, breathe and enjoy the moment.


Sessions guided by qualified professionals with 20 years of experience.

Conscious breathing, physical work and final meditation to improve your daily practice and introduce you to the world of well-being.

Choose the practice where you feel most comfortable, hatha yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga or restorative.

You will practice authentic yoga without additives: outdoors at sunset, or in our Terra yoga room. Listen to your body, stretch and breathe deeply.


Complimentary tea at the end of the session


Ayurveda: ancient Indian technique with the application of sesame oil, restorative and antioxidant, for the whole body, bringing vital energy, eliminating toxins, relaxing mind and body, balancing the three doshas.

Thai-restorative: Thai technique combined with reiki that works comprehensively relaxing the nervous system, bringing awareness and giving the body space to heal itself.

Decontracting: works on the whole body and deepens contracted muscles trying to dissolve discomfort and achieve a more relaxed body.

Shiatsu: Japanese manual therapy that combines the knowledge of Western medicine with the wisdom of Eastern medicine. By means of pleasant pressures, the whole body works to restore harmony and the body’s own healing and well-being capacity.

60min–85€  90min–95€  120min–135€  30min— 45€

Relaxation ritual with a couple (ayurveda + Thai): share a massage (75′) together in a magical space where the candlelight and relaxing essential oils will make you forget time — €180


Sonotherapy with Tibetan bowls is a vibrational therapy that helps to balance and restore the health of the whole being. Through sound, vibration and silence, a state of deep relaxation is achieved that allows us to balance our energy and release tension on a physical, mental and emotional level.


The best experience of the most gourmet!

Taste Girona!

Enjoy the local gastronomy, discovering the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. You can choose a traditional Catalan cooking workshop, or a rice workshop. If you want to go deeper with vegetarian cooking, we suggest a raw vegan cooking workshop or if you prefer, hire your private chef!

We are a land of wines, discover them with a local wine tasting and spend an afternoon full of laughter and good vibes.

If you like cocktails take advantage of the porch to sample signature cocktails while tasting and learning in front of the setting sun with the Pyrenees as a backdrop.

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